Joe Quintana created Journalism for the Soul, to inspire and motivate his readers to think, act, and experience life ethically.

Quintana has a master’s degree in New Media Journalism and has worked on some award-winning Hollywood films. He is also a PR Branding Consultant and a Social Media / Emerging New Web Technologies’ Specialist.

Quintana’s passion is in human interest storytelling currently under-represented in the mainstream media today.

He writes stories directed to the heart and publishes them online where his audiences from all over the world read, respond, and interact accordingly. He has also contributed stories as a freelance writer for Transforming the World (TTW) Magazine.

His storytelling skills are enhanced by his strong documentary and independent filmmaking background. He studied film at  New York University, King’s College in London and London Academy of Radio, Film and Television.

Quintana travelled globally as a “filmmaker-for-hire,” documenting humanitarian and missionary works for various international civic and religious organizations.  He is an active member of the International Documentary Organization and Film Independent.

Quintana demonstrates strong expertise in journalistic writing, creative storytelling, photo/video/data journalism, digital filmmaking, directing, producing, editing, motivational/religious/inspirational storytelling, infographic and various social media outlets.

As a multimedia journalist, Quintana is driven, deadline oriented, flexible, and willing to travel.

Prior to the art and business of storytelling, Quintana graduated Magna Cum Laude in Pre-Medical Studies and attended Post-Graduate Programs at Columbia and Harvard University.

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Joe Quintana Media Kit

Joe Quintana Media Kit










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