Audience Meets Oscar 2016 Nominee ‘A WAR’ Danish Filmmaker at The Wrap Screening Event

The Wrap, a news company covering Hollywood, sponsored an event at the iPic Theater in Los Angeles on Feb. 9, 2016, for a special screening of the movie “A WAR” – nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars 2016.

Wrap Event: "A WAR"

A conversation with the film director, Tobias Lindholm, followed immediately after the movie ended. The film producer, Rene Ezra, and a representative from Magnolia Pictures, were also in attendance.

Tobias Lindholm

Director Tobias Lindholm

Producer Rene Ezra

Producer Rene Ezra

A War (Danish: Krigen) is a 2015 Danish film directed by Tobias Lindholm, starring Pilou Asbæk and Søren Malling. It tells the story of a Danish military company in Afghanistan that is fighting the Taliban while trying to protect the civilians, and how the commander is accused of having committed a war crime. The film is now nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards (Oscars 2016).

Screen Shot from "A WAR" Magnolia Pictures Trailer

Screen Shot from “A WAR” Magnolia Pictures Trailer

The film has a documentary feel and the actors present true-to-life reactions to the events surrounding them. With the exception of the main actors, actual Danish soldiers who had served in Afghanistan play the soldiers.

The film explored many human concerns experienced by the soldiers at war intertwined with the issues faced by their families left behind. The story raised many questions and some answers may appear controversial.


  • How does domestic family problems affect the decision making of a commander in the fields of war?
  • At the center of gunfight, would a commander save the lives of his soldiers, or would he protect the lives of the innocent civilians?
  • How far can military loyalty and honesty go inside a courtroom?

A WAR” is nonetheless worth watching. It provides a different dimension to the actual truths happening in the war areas of Afghanistan, rarely explored by today’s current media.

Click here to watch the movie trailer: A WAR TRAILER

As Alan Scherstuhl of the Village Voice stated in his Rotten Tomato review:

“ [A WAR is] a scrupulous, unglamorized examination of battlefield decision-making – and its potentially devastating impacts, both there and back home.”

The film director Tobias Lindholm also directed prior films such as The Hunt (2012), A Hijacking (2012) and Submarino (2010)

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Author: Joe Quintana, M.A. | Multimedia Journalist
Editor-in-Chief at Journalism for the Soul
Master of Arts - Multimedia Journalism.