Church accepted men not suitable for priesthood, comments Pope Francis

According to a recent news, Pope Francis said that many of the problems in the Catholic Church today came from accepting men who are unsuitable for the priesthood. He stressed that men were taken in without full discernment in an attempt to solve vocation crisis and lack of priests. He added that Church did not examine closely whether he belongs to the Lord.

Photo from © Mazur/

Photo from © Mazur/

“It’s about ‘being’ priests, not limiting themselves to ‘doing'” what a priest does, while also being free from any “spiritual worldliness,” Pope said.


 “Today we have many problems, and in many dioceses, because of this error made by some bishops to take those who come — sometimes thrown out of other seminaries or religious institutes — because they need priests,” Pope added.

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Author: Joe Quintana, M.A. | Multimedia Journalist
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