Priest Makes Movies in Hollywood

Guffey_Photos_-_1webFr. David Guffey, C.S.C, a Congregation of the Holy Cross priest, stated in an interview that using video and Internet is part of his work in serving the people pastorally, listening to what is in their hearts and offering stories and images to support the best of what it is to be human and Catholic in the world today.

Guffey’s love for media has come a long way from his early years in the Midwest.

It all started with his first Pentax K1000 camera, purchased from the money he saved from helping his father’s small grocery store.  He began taking pictures and thought of becoming a journalist, and eventually, a lawyer.

He attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated in 1984 with a degree in American Studies; however, his Faith in God came alive.  “I began thinking of priesthood while at Notre Dame,” said Guffey.

He entered the Congregation of Holy Cross, which sponsors Notre Dame, and received his master’s in divinity in 1984.  He professed his vows in 1990, and ultimately became an ordained Holy Cross priest in 1991.

His first assignment thereafter was at the Andre House, a Catholic Center for the homeless in Arizona.  He became involved with the extensive process of re-building and relocating the center, which lasted until 1996.

“I realized through the process the importance of working with the media…and of telling stories well so that people would be engaged to help one another,” said Guffey.

Over the years, he studied the ways the Catholic Church can integrate with the media.  He interned at the Family Theater Productions in 2005, while taking different film workshops in Hollywood.  “The Holy Cross community encouraged me to study further,” Guffey said.

He then received his master’s of fine arts degree in film and television production, in 2008, at Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles.

In the same year, he joined Family Theater Productions professionally, and since then Fr. Guffey has numerous credits for his award-winning work in film and television.

“The crew responded to him as a producer and a priest,” said Tony Sands, production director, co-author and administrator of Family Theater Productions, in an interview.  “They respected him both for his professionalism and for his vocation,” Sands added.

Guffey is now the new National Director for the Family Theater Productions, telling stories in a way that makes faith matters. As a priest and a filmmaker, he will manage both the media production and pastoral outreach in the Hollywood community.

“As the Holy Father said, we need to use all the tools available to let people know the Gospel,” said Guffey.

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Author: Joe Quintana, M.A. | Multimedia Journalist
Editor-in-Chief at Journalism for the Soul
Master of Arts - Multimedia Journalism.