Journalism for the Soul Website Utilizes Social Media on Issues about Priesthood

Over the past few weeks, the Journalism for the Soul website (JS) engaged with its audience to extract relevant information concerning its ongoing research on the topic: Psychological and Sociological Struggles of Priesthood Today.

JS joined Reddit.com and participated in discussions under sub-reddits: /r/Catholicism, /r/Vocations, and /r/Discerning.

 The questions posted were:

What do you think is the biggest issue facing priesthood today? This question gained nine comments and the responses mostly focused on the issue of Celibacy.

What is your biggest fear in entering priesthood? This question gained six comments, and the answers focused more on the anxiety and possible regrets in entering priesthood.

What is your opinion on: Church accepts men not suitable for priesthood, comments Pope Francis. This question gained eighty-two comments and twenty-seven up arrows. Most of the answers dealt with the issue of marriage and priesthood, indicating that if marriage is allowed, there may be many more good priests available.

Are priests bad homilists? This question gained thirteen comments and they mostly indicated that many priests are bad in giving homilies. Although they were also sympathetic to the issue, each providing reasons and justifications.

JS also created a Poll on Facebook asking: What is the biggest issue facing the vocation of priesthood today?

The infographics below summarized the results.


Facebook Poll had 10 responses.


JS also utilized surveymonkey.com and created a survey entitled: The Struggles of Priesthood. The infographics below summarized the results.


The full Survey Monkey Results also posted several insightful comments explaining further their opinions on the issues facing priesthood today.

One noteworthy reply stated that the image of priesthood was not as hurt by the child abuse scandal as some believed. The church itself may have been criticized for handling the situation poorly, and the priests who committed the acts can be criticized, but priesthood as a whole stands for something greater.

Another point stated in the survey was the need for priests to combat the negative media publicity with constant positive examples in the given society.

The responses gave JS some informed data to formulate its proposed topic succinctly. Some responses were favorable and others were negative. JS believed that the gathered information posted a sense of unbiased fairness to the topic being researched.

Nevertheless, based on its engagement using Social Media, the public participated and JS experienced an eighty-five percent increase in new readership. Google Analytics data summarized the results below.



JS thankfully acknowledges the readers with their meaningful responses. The data collected will be included in the upcoming publication to be released early 2015.


Author: Joe Quintana, M.A. | Multimedia Journalist
Editor-in-Chief at Journalism for the Soul
Master of Arts - Multimedia Journalism.

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