Odisha, India: Orphaned Children Desperately Need Help in Education

Orphaned Boys at Children’s Mercy Foundation in Odisha, India


Fr. Mathew Sukchen With The Children's Mercy Foundation Orphans.

Children's Mercy Foundation was established in 2011. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.

Priest: Fr. Mathew Sukchen

Fr. Mathew Sukchen is a 38-year-old priest in Odisha, India. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.


Fr. Matthew Sukchen Takes Care Of The Orphaned Boys At The Children's Mercy Foundation.

Fr. Mathew Sukchen finances the orphanage out of his personal means. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.


Homework By The Dirt

Orphaned boys do their homework on a mat, in the absence of a study table. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.


!3-year-old Boy Suffers Burn As A Child.

Orphaned 13-year-old boy suffered burn in Odisha, India. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.

The Foundation is a registered trust in the government of Odisha (formerly Orissa). Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.


Fr Sukchen Celebrates Mass In America.

Sukchen solicits support while visiting America. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.


Tight Sleeping Quarters

Twenty orphaned boys overflowed in one bedroom. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.


Closet Space Of Children's Mercy Foundation

The orphaned boys do not have much clothing. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.


Facade of Children's Mercy Foundation

Donations helped paint the facade of the building. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.

Twenty orphaned boys at the Children’s Mercy Foundation in Odisha (formerly Orissa), India struggle to find good Samaritans to help in their schooling needs.

These children were victims of the Christian persecutions plaguing the remote towns of Odisha since 2008.

They saw their houses burned, family members injured, and some even  lost their parents, leaving them abandoned in the streets.

They are very poor.  Many were afraid of going to school for fear of being killed [like their parents].

Fr. Mathew Sukchen. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.

Fr. Mathew Sukchen. Photo courtesy of M. Sukchen.

I felt pity for them and I asked the Our Lord and God what the mistake these children have done to live such punishment?” said Fr. Matthew Sukchen, a 38-year-old Catholic priest in Odisha.

“As a priest, I have this passion to help the troubles and difficulties of the children,” added Sukchen.

Sukchen saw the deteriorated conditions of these children, and their stories compelled him to establish his personal Children’s Mercy Foundation in June 2011.

“I prayed to the Lord everyday and night to help me to give protection and shelter to the children…now [the] children [are] with me,” said Sukchen.

The orphanage began with only five children in 2011. Today, twenty children overcrowded the two-bedroom orphanage house.

Many more wanted to enter the orphanage; however, Sukchen had to refuse them due to the lack of financial support for the day-to-day operation.

Sukchen provides the food, housing and basic needs of the children out of his stipend from celebrating the mass.

He receives 50-100 rupee daily (approximately $0.80 to $1.61).

Other financial support came from the individuals he personally approached to donate.

After running the orphanage for 4 years now, Sukchen feels its difficulty.

Educational need is his most important concern.

“I need help in sending these children to school and I do not know how I am going to take care of this,” pleaded Sukchen.

Sukchen’s mission is to provide education and good moral values to these children.

 “God has given me the opportunity to help and support the unprivileged children of our society. May God give me the strength and encouragement so that I may be able to serve and bring these children in a life of fulfillment; so that they may also in return send God’s love, care and concern to the people in need when they grow older,” said Sukchen. 

Sukchen leaves it all to God’s providence to provide school fees, books and clothes for these children. He prays that God will inspire people to help. “I accept any kind of help, and please help,” said Sukchen.

Children’s Mercy Foundation is a registered trust in the Government of Orissa, India. It is located at plot 501/1089 Ogalpada, Post: Janla, PS:Jatni, Dist: Khurda, Orrissa, India 752054. To get more information and to help support the orphaned children at the Children’s Mercy Foundation, contact:

Fr. Mathew Sukchen,

Viber: +918861144827 / +918093349151

Facebook : Mathew Sukchen

GoFundMe for online donation

Gmail msukchen@gmail.com


India is currently experiencing Christian violence and persecution.

Odisha (formerly rendered Orissa is one of the 29 states of India, located in the east of India.

Odisha (formerly  Orissa) is one of the 29 states of India, located in the east of India. It is one of the most backward states according to Fr. M Sukchen.

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