The Purpose of Creation: Flower and Bee Analogy

Here is a photo-essay to understand co-existence. 

In this corner part of the garden, life unfolds as it is meant to be.

The vista of life unfolds, mostly unnoticed, unless one stands still and witnesses keenly the purpose of life’s creation. Photo by Joe Quintana – (2015).



Life co-exists with dews of nourishment and webs of entrapment. Photo by Joe Quintana – (2015).




Life co-exists with death. Photo by Joe Quintana – (2015).



Life co-exists with another life. Photo by Joe Quintana – (2015).




Life feeds another life. Photo by Joe Quintana – (2015).



Life needs another life to remain alive. Photo by Joe Quintana – (2015).


Life and Death

From afar life seems still. But with one closer look, one understands the purpose of co-existence. Photo by Joe Quintana – (2015).

What are your thoughts?

Author: Joe Quintana, M.A. | Multimedia Journalist
Editor-in-Chief at Journalism for the Soul
Master of Arts - Multimedia Journalism.