U.S. Soldier Recounts Hardships in Afghanistan

The U.S. Army deployed Sargent Thristan Tupaz  in Salerno, Afghanistan, in 2009 and 2011. He was part of the Quick Reactionary Security Force and Medical Logistics.

He left his family behind to face the resounding images of death, in a deceiving mountainous Afghan terrain foliated with hatred and danger.

“ I know the Talibans lived there, but oddly enough, from afar, I also found the mountains mesmerizingly peaceful,” said Tupaz.

Tupaz recounted his riveting experiences of war. His vivid storytelling awakened the nightmares of his past.

Torn between his duty for the country and his love for this growing family, Tupaz said:

“ I am trained for combat, but I will always remain a father and a gentleman.”

Here is a glimpse of the hardships of the Afghan country, its people, and its children.

Underneath the country’s superficial natural beauty, dwells the heart of the Afghan people, painfully pulsating with human brutality. It has remained bleeding since then, long after Tupaz was gone.

“Young soldiers are thrilled with war, they have the adrenaline for combat; but us veterans, we just can’t wait to go back home,” said Tupaz.

Tupaz belongs to the 349 Combat Support Hospital in Los Angeles. He is married with three children. He now lives happily in the suburbs of Southern California.



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