Venice Beach a must visit for tourists, locals alike

This video shows the sights and natural sounds of Venice Beach, Calif.

Summer officially ended but Venice Beach continued to provide joy and sunny weather to locals and tourists alike this weekend. It was an embodiment of the Hollywood entertainment spirit, only by the water. The street performers and the open-mindedness of the place created a fun-filled eccentric atmosphere, that left the visitors relaxed, amused and wanting to return for more.

Venice Beach boasts a legendary boardwalk and a three-mile stretch of sandy waterfront along the Pacific Coast, just twelve-miles away from the heart of downtown Hollywood. Nevertheless, it was the mixture of people, and their ways to express life to the fullest, that made the place unique, warm and inviting.

Venice Beach is famous for its surf waters, Muscle Beach, hardball courts, paddle tennis court, Skate Dancing plaza, numerous beach volleyball courts, bike trail, basketball courts, bike paths, roller skates and skateboard ramps, restaurants, shops, boardwalk entertainers and plenty of tourists from all over the world.

Venice Beach, also a well-known hangout for the creative and the artistic, enjoys good reviews from all over. According to tripadvisor, people commented that Venice Beach is a super cool place embraced with a lively Hollywood beat. Likewise, Yelp highly recommended Venice Beach as a must go place to experience a unique bohemian vibe and friendly environment. According to U.S.News Travel, the famous boardwalk never failed to impress out-of-towners.

At the Muscle Beach, muscled men and women traveled from all over the world to compete at the historic Mr. and Miss Muscle Beach Competition. It is coined as the greatest outdoor body building show on earth. The continuous event is always highlighted by warm and friendly local atmosphere, while providing quality competition. Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out on Muscle Beach and made Gold’s Gym famous in the 1980s.

Venice Beach is an entertainment experience by the water and one must not miss going there while traveling Southern California. It is one of California’s best visitor attractions, and there are many things to do for the young and the old, other than just getting wet.

Author: Joe Quintana, M.A. | Multimedia Journalist
Editor-in-Chief at Journalism for the Soul
Master of Arts - Multimedia Journalism.

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